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A circle is not just a gathering of people who sit in a circle on the floor or a meeting where the chairs are arranged in a circle. Circle meetings provide simple, yet powerful tools to help teach people how to communicate more honestly and openly. What we wish to promote is an alternative to box-like hierarchical structures and confining systems, which dominate today. Among other things, circles can help us to. We live in a world that cultivates separateness between people. When people join together in circles, they become keenly aware that such separateness does not really exist on a deeper level. Circles help alleviate the feeling that we stand alone against the harshness and violence of modern society. They remind us that we are all one. Circles provide a replenishing and sanctuary place and can be considered laboratories of grace where people can learn to relate in a way so conflicts and problems can be resolved.

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An event every month that begins at pm on day Last of the month, repeating until October 1, You are invited to a Woman Within Circle, in a private, confidential setting where four to twelve women encourage, support, and uplift one another. Neither the Women Within Weekend or Circle Training are required but you must be at least 18 years old.

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How could your brand foster more meaningful relationships amongst your advocates? How can you create more impactful shared experiences for your brand’s tribe? Attend Future Festival. Ability to Change. Adaptive Innovation. Brand Love. Consumer Behavior. Cracking the Leisure Code. Culture of Innovation. Forecasting Micro-Generational Desire. Future of Tech.

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content. In April and May we launched mentoring circles to support colleagues in the move to online learning and teaching. The coffee break meetings will offer an informal online space where Mentor Circle coffee break dates and topics.

Heather Plett has held in-person circles and online circles with people all over the world and, in a blog post for The Circle Way, she describes the difference:. After a dozen online circles and about half as many in-person circles using essentially the same material and flow of the day , one thing, in particular, surprised me.

In an online space, where people are sitting in their own homes and know that they will probably never meet the people they see on the screen, the deep dive into vulnerability and trust happens more quickly than when people are sitting in the same room. At first, I thought it was just an anomaly based on who had gathered for each circle, but then I started to pay more careful attention and realized it was a pattern. I now believe that it is possible to create an online space that invites people very quickly into deep work.

It is even possible that this can happen more effectively and with fewer barriers than when people are sitting in the same room. Virtual circles are different from, but not inferior to, in-person circles. This guide is designed to help you succeed in hosting virtual circles and assumes that you know how to hold a physical one. If participants need to step away from their device for a moment, or are interrupted by a family member, they can turn off their own video.

Equipment issues You can avoid technical issues by giving participants the opportunity to test their equipment before your circle begins. They can join a test meeting , then test their video and audio.

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Whatever the flexible future looks like in your business, 2 Circles has you covered with bespoke end-to-end solutions that allow your business to run in the way you want it to. Only 3 in 10 workers believe their organisation currently performs very well in terms of connectivity. Is your workforce becoming more mobile? Ensure your business mobiles fully integrate with the rest of your communications by allowing us to look after your full communications portfolio.

No BS. Circles Life is the best service I’ve used in many years. Able to chat to someone online and polite and care about their customers that they are happy.

Developer Circles are communities of innovators, where aspiring and experienced developers receive free tools to build new skills, grow ideas and boost their careers. Learn about Facebook products, take part in online discussions and attend local meet-ups by joining one of hundreds of circles around the globe. With hundreds of circles around the globe, there’s a world of opportunity waiting for you. Members receive coaching from technology experts, collaborate with like-minded peers, and take part in a range of skillset and career-building initiatives.

Each Developer Circle is managed by a developer community leader who hosts local events, supports an online Facebook Group and shares the latest news on Facebook products. Whether you’re an early-stage student, a novice coder or an advanced engineer, our tailored resources and opportunities will help you develop your career in tech. Dive straight into opportunities near you — like meet-ups, hackathons and online trainings — by joining Developer Circles.

Can’t find one near you? Apply to become a lead of your local developer community. In addition to providing opportunities in your local area, we also run regional and global initiatives for further software skills development. These include free premium training courses from partners like Udacity, and the chance to compete for cash prizes in our annual Community Challenge online hackathon. When developers connect, learn and collaborate, amazing things can happen.

From step-changes in career development, to opportunities promoting diversity and inclusion, here are a few of the many inspiring stories from Developer Circles members and leads around the world. Developer Circles provide innovators with opportunities to learn about developer tools and Facebook technologies, including coding help.

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About the Study Circles Online Conversation The Disproportionality Technical Assistance Network, or “The Network,” is offering a unique opportunity for all.

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Climate change induced hydrological risks are making central European cities increasingly vulnerable against urban floods and at the same time make the water scarcity problem worse. Coupled with growing drinking water consumption and consequently rising amounts of wastewater to be treated, this threatens the safety of future water supplies. The CWC project aims to help municipalities to reform outdated urban water infrastructure systems via applying a circular economy approach, which offers many economic and environmental benefits.

This will be achieved by the project by promoting a water saving culture, including the use of non-conventional water resources and by taking the lead in adopting urban rainwater harvesting and utilisation as well as greywater recovery measures on city level. The partners join forces to create a knowledge base for urban circular water management. This will be made available as digital learning resources for all willing to learn more about the topic. The partners will also co-develop with local stakeholders a set of innovative methods and tools cutting-edge technological and nature-based solutions, smart governance tools exploring novel cooperation and financing schemes usable all around central Europe.

The Digital Learning Resources provide essential knowledge to assess and rise awareness about water use and to introduce or increase circular water use. Technical information regards grey water collection and reuse, rainwater harvesting and use, water loss detection and reduction. Active involvement and engagement of the stakeholders and to make a good use of technological tools are core elements in SWG. Greywater is all wastewater that is discharged from a house, excluding blackwater toilet water.

Can we reuse it? Does it save money for households and institutes?

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Story Circles are opportunities for small groups of people to gather together to listen and share thoughts and stories related to a common theme. No preparation is necessary and each participant has the option to share or simply listen to others. Rather, the purpose is to listen and connect. The participants may not know each other or they may be a group that collaborates through work or community in other ways. Story Works alumni youth , staff, and volunteers, and Alaska Humanities Forum staff.

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Since , our Women for the Land Learning Circles have supported women agricultural landowners and producers in the Midwest, MidAtlantic, and Northeast regions with access to resources, information, and peer networks to support them in taking action towards improving conservation on their land. Lengthy introductions and non-hierarchical structures allow women to develop relationships that are key to supporting their success.

Click below to hear a personal interview from someone who has participated in a Women for the Land learning circle. Click below to hear an online recorded personal interview from someone who has participated in a Women for the Land learning circle. Our Women For the Land program also conducts partners trainings on how best to implement Learning Circles.

Follow-up research with past participants demonstrates the effectiveness of these gatherings at driving action on the landscape and supporting women in gaining confidence as stewards of precious agricultural land. Learning circles are adapted to fit the unique needs, audiences, and partnerships on the ground across the country. Formats for learning circles range from half-day to three full days, and due to the necessity of social distancing brought on by the COVID pandemic, online virtual gatherings are also being developed and implemented.

To sign up to hear more information about programming in your region, please express your interest here. Many of our staff have multiple projects and programs. Learning Circles for Women in Agriculture. Stories that Empower Us Click below to hear a personal interview from someone who has participated in a Women for the Land learning circle. Women for the Land Interview: Terri Miller.

Stories that Empower Us Click below to hear an online recorded personal interview from someone who has participated in a Women for the Land learning circle.

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How healthy are the romantic relationships of the teens in your life? Now broaden that circle and think about their friends, as well as all the other young people their age within their schools, youth groups and online communities. Chances are that most of these young people are trying to figure out how to navigate romantic relationships — an important aspect of their development as they move toward adulthood.

According to preliminary findings from the National Survey on Teen Relationships and Intimate Violence , the number of young people between ages who are involved with adolescent dating abuse are disturbingly high. A study conducted by NORC at the University of Chicago was designed to identify rates of adolescent relationship violence that take place in person or through electronic means, in public or in private, and between current or past dating partners. The findings indicated that nearly 20 percent of both boys and girls reported being victims of physical and sexual abuse within dating relationships — with physical abuse including actions like hitting, shoving, choking and biting, and sexual abuse including actions like unwelcome sexual touching, being sexually intimidated and being forced to do something sexual.

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Are the dating relationships of teens in your circles healthy or unhealthy?

The first women on Earth are certain to have gathered together around a fire. They probably made meals together, fashioned clothing, and shared stories. You likely sat in a circle in childhood — to listen to a story or sing a song, and you often made your first friends there.

Circles is a video platform, a collection of unique content and a suite of The System™ enables the same kind of human connection, virtually. and leadership development, move live training online, onboard new employees, support.

Skip to main content. Add to Calendar. The Study Circles Online Conversations help to address racial and ethnic barriers to student achievement and family involvement by engaging school staff, community members and partners in dialogue and problem solving. There is Jacquie Red Feather, newly sober and working to make it back to the family she left behind.

Fourteen-year-old Orvil has come to perform traditional dance for the very first time. Together, this chorus of voices tells of the plight of the urban Native American—grappling with a complex and painful history, with an inheritance of beauty and spirituality, with communion and sacrifice and heroism. Hailed as an instant classic, There There is at once poignant and laugh-out-loud funny, utterly contemporary and always unforgettable. Location Training Format.

Each Study Circles Online Conversation will consist of one minute orientation session followed by three 1. These sessions will be a facilitated online conversation using the Zoom cloud video conferencing platform. Contact For questions related to registration or LEA status, contact:.

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